Key Insurance Solutions Spain arrange insurance for cars, vans and motorbikes registered in the UK but kept in Spain, Portugal or Gibraltar and for Spanish registered vehicles.  Request your competitive, online motor insurance quote without obligation and with the flexibility of deciding on the motor insurance cover that suits you.      

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Before you Buy your Expat Insurance in Spain

Key Insurance Solutions Spain recommend that before you commit to an insurance policy you:

  • Ask for and review a copy of the Terms and Conditions
  • Review a copy of the Proposal Form to ensure the details are correct
  • Pay particular attention to items such as registration numbers (matricula) are correct. An incorrect registration number (matricula) can incur a fine of up to 1500€
  • Ensure you sign and return the Proposal Form
  • Ask if the insurer uses the Spanish Insurance Cancellation Law and the potential implications of this if they do
  • Try to avoid providing actual bank details to pay for your policy.  The insurers we recommend offer alternative payment options

Further Advice after you have bought Expat Insurance Policy in Spain

  • When you arrange an insurance policy, make a note of the renewal date and if you have not received a Renewal Reminder around six-weeks before the renewal date, contact your insure.  Some insurers use the Spanish Insurance Cancellation Law and, if you wish to cancel a policy your have to inform the insurer at least one month in advance
  • Remember that the obligation for insuring a motor vehicle is that of the owner, even if you did not receive a Renewal Reminder
  • All vehicles in Spain have to be insured at all times, even if the vehicle is not being used.  This is particularly important to remember if you have a holiday home and do not use the vehicle all of the time
  • If you breakdown or have an accident, refer to your Policy Documentation.  It will always contain a section on how to call for assistance
  • If you need to make a claim on any insurance policy, refer to the Policy Documentation.  It will always contain a section on how to make a claim


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