Key Insurance Solutions Spain arrange insurance for cars, vans and motorbikes registered in the UK but kept in Spain, Portugal or Gibraltar and for Spanish registered vehicles.  Request your competitive, online motor insurance quote without obligation and with the flexibility of deciding on the motor insurance cover that suits you.      

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Motor & Motorbike Insurance Packages                                                                                Insure your home and car in Spain, Portugal or Gibraltar and we will include a multi-policy discount

Key Insurance Solutions Spain can arrange motor and motorbike insurance packages for both UK and Spanish registered vehicles and motorbikes in Spain, Gibraltar and Portugal.  We can arrange your insurance while a vehicle is being replated and provide you with:

Roadside assistance cover

Glass cover

Legal assistance cover

European driving cover

Optional replacement car cover in the event of an accident

English speaking support

Protected no claims bonus on some motor insurance policies.  (This is not normally available on Spanish motor insurance policies)

A choice of driver options

Extra discounts for drivers aged 40 or more

All of this and we will honour previous no claims bonus entitlement earned in any European country

Young Driver Packages

Key Insurance Solutions Spain can arrange motor insurance packages for younger drivers (minimum age 20 with a full European driving licence held for a minimum of two years)

Motor insurance for young driver can be expensive in Spain, we recommend therefore that before committing yourself to your new car or motorbike you ask for an insurance quote first.  We can insure only Spanish registered vehicles and motorbikes for young drivers aged 20 - 25.  From the age of 25 we can insure both UK and Spanish registered vehicles and motorbike.

Proof of no claims bonus, claims and conviction history is required.

Motor & Motorbike Insurance Quote Request

To request a motor or motorbike insurance quote, complete and send us the form below. This form takes around two minutes to complete and normally gives us sufficient information to provide an indicative motor insurance quote.  Alternatively, you can complete the Full Motor Insurance Quote, this takes around five minutes to complete and normally gives us sufficient information to provide a more accurate quote. 

* The Full Motor Insurance Quote form is normally used by drivers under the age of 25 years and drivers with a claims/conviction history within the last five years.  Knowing about your claims/conviction history does not necessarily mean that your insurance premium will be any higher, but it does give us the opportunity to assess your premium entitlement correctly.

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