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Pet Insurance Packages for Expats Living in Spain

Most owners consider their pets as members of the family and when an emergency arises would spend whatever is necessary in vet. bills to stop their four legged friends from suffering. One in three pets need veterinary treatment each year.

Pet insurance will give you the peace of mind to know that if something does happen to your cat or dog that you wonít have to worry about finding the funds for its treatment and recovery. We can cover your cat or dog from just 8 weeks old.  As well as medical expenses your pet insurance policy also covers costs relating to death from accident, loss by theft or straying, boarding fees and more.

Pet Summary of Cover

The annual premiums are fixed, even if you make a claim. We offer bronze, silver or gold cover so there is a plan to suit your needs and your wallet.

Pet Insurance FAQ's

Can I cover my cat or dog from birth?

No but we do cover cats and dogs from just 8 weeks old.

Is there an age limit for cover?

We do not cover cats over 8 years old or dogs over 10 years old unless through renewal of a policy taken out before the pet reached the afore-mentioned age.

Will you cover a pet that has not been microchipped?


Can I take out cover if my petís vaccinations are not up to date?

No. Also if you take out a policy and do not keep your petís vaccinations up to date we will not pay claims resulting from any illness that it should have been vaccinated against.

Are pre-existing medical conditions covered?

No. Also we will not pay claims for illness or injury which start within 14 days of the start of cover.

Will my pet have access to complementary treatments?

Yes. Up to the maximum benefit for each accident or illness for a period not exceeding 12 months as long as they are carried out under the direction of a vet and your policy remains in force throughout the period of the treatment.

Is my pet covered for foreign travel?

If you take Silver or Gold level cover and if the pet holds a valid EU pet passport or PETS certificate issued prior to 1 October 2004.

If I cancel my pet policy mid term, will I get a refund?

Not during the first year of cover but in subsequent years you can cancel the insurance if there has been no claim or no incident likely to give rise to a claim. The refund will be based on short period rates laid out in the policy document.

If you would like us to send you a personalised quotation and a Summary of Cover, click here, to prodide us with details about your pet and upload documents.

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